Our Approach

Finley Design Architecture + Interiors, Durham NC

Our Mission


At Finley Design, the practice of architecture is a client-focused service that demands leadership, vision, and dedication. We listen to our clients with an open mind and help them to realize their goals with a unique vision. With a personal approach, a positive attitude, and a consistent attention to detail, we work with clients to create exciting architectural environments that inspire.

The Way We Work

Always Keep a Positive Attitude


We always approach every client, project, consultant, and situation with a positive attitude. By focusing on the project and staying positive, the best solutions come more quickly and the team stays focused.


A Collaborative Vision


We see opportunities in design for every project, and given the opportunity, we can provide a unique, high-impact vision. However, our first goal is to always uncover what the client envisions for the project. Once we know the client’s vision, we can gather the best ideas from the entire team (client, architect, contractor, engineers, leasing agents, etc.) and develop a collaborative vision that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

Create Value for the Client


We see every project as an opportunity to create value for our clients. It starts with the level of service we provide at highly competitive rates, and continues with a constant pursuit of maximizing a project’s potential.


Where We Work


The firm has architectural licenses in several states. We go where our clients and projects

need us to be. Our current focus is the eastern United States, with a constantly expanding market area. Our national NCARB certification streamlines obtainment of new licenses when projects have quick schedules.